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Ngilgi Cave education workshops, Yallingup WA.


Invoke wonder and respect for our amazing natural landscape with a cave or lighthouse visit

Students investigate the stunning limestone cave environment of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge and relive the past at our historical and operational lighthouses. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides are great story tellers too; they will take you through the history, science and stories, leaving kids eager to learn more.

Want to know more about our educational tours, or help choosing the best tour for your students? Contact our Education Officer Andre Courtis who can answer any question and help book your school visit. Call 08 9755 2152 or email

Programs at a glance

We have curriculum-based education programs covering Pre School to Year 12.

Cave Tours

Fully Guided Showcave
Experienced cave guides lead students through the mystery, history and culture of the amazing showcaves in the southwest

Megafauna Workshop
Transport students back in time to when Megafauna roamed the Australian continent with this hands-on workshop and cave tour

Ancient Riverbed Adventure Tour
A ‘soft’ educational adventure tour to lead students off the boardwalks and into the hidden areas of the cave

Legends and Lanterns
A fully guided tour through the main showcave lit only by the torch in your hand! Great for school camps!

Explorer Tour
Challenge older students with a tailored adventure tour into the legendary ancient chambers of Ngilgi Cave

Lighthouse Tours

Lighthouse Tours
Whales, flaming fireballs, shipwrecks and mercury madness, Our fully guided lighthouse tours are enough to send your students round the twist!

Culture and Heritage Program
Early explorers, and first settlers. Hear the tales of when oceans were highways and of the discovery and settlement of this dramatic landscape

Tracks ‘n’ Scats Fieldtrip
Follow the tracks and scats of southwest fauna and take your detective skills into the bush to find the missing Quenda


education programs by location

Tour guide conducts an education session inside Ngilgi Cave, Yallingup WA.


Download the Education Packs

Access an exciting range of education packs to accompany your cave or lighthouse visit. Fill in your name and email to access the download links.

Andre, our Education Officer, will follow up in a few days to see if you have any questions.


Excursion Management Plans

Download excursion management documents to assist in your preparation.

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