Lake inside Lake Cave, Margaret River WA.

Lake Cave

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Please note that Lake Cave is currently closed following recent bushfires in the area.
There has been no damage to the cave and all of the stunning formations and stygofauna remain protected. The surrounding vegetation is expected to recover and eventually produce brilliant regrowth. All of the major infrastructure was saved thanks to all of the great teams involved. Unfortunately, sections of the boardwalk from the main building to the cave entrance have been damaged and we are working hard to make the necessary repairs, with an aim to reopen early July, 2022.
In the meantime, we recommend that you visit the beautiful Mammoth Jewel Cave or Ngilgi Cave.

Gaze up at towering karri trees as you descend into a crystal wonderland.

Lake Cave is a stunning pristine chamber deep beneath the earth. Inside the cave a tranquil lake reflects delicate formations that will take your breath away. Marvel at the unique 'Suspended Table' formation, which weighs several tonnes and seems to defy gravity as it hovers above the clear lake water.

Descend a 'staircase in time', accessing the cave through a spectacular doline (sink hole), while gazing up at the towering karri trees from the floor of the sunken forest.

During a guided tour you'll see delicate crystal decorations reflected in the water; with droplets hanging from the tips of straws and stalactites being a sign that these formations are growing. While seated at the back of the chamber, you can enjoy the unique 'underground ambience'. The guide will change the feature lighting within the cavern to provide unique views of the cave features and formations.

Boardwalk at Lake Cave, Margaret River WA.

Opening Hours

Please note that Lake Cave is currently closed.

Tour Prices

Adult: $22.50
Child (4-16yrs): $11.50
Seniors: $20.00
Children under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Find Us

Caves Rd & Conto Rd, Forest Grove, WA 6285. Just 20 minutes drive south from Margaret River along Caves Rd.
Ph (08) 9757 7411


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Did you know?

The Lake Cave Deck sits suspended over an extraordinary open cavern, known as a doline. Set amongst the canopy of ancient karri trees and above the limestone cliffs of the doline, the deck is built from beautiful local timbers and features incredible glass portholes with views through to the forest floor below. Make sure you take the time to enjoy this incredibly unique viewing platform as part of your visit to Lake Cave.